August goals

Well last month we decided to set some goals for ourselves, sort of an interfamily challenge to make the summer go by faster!

Lets see how we did:

T's goals:
  • Get a BBQ grill at no cost - I will give him this one though it was eeked out on 8/3
  • paint the inside of the garage, again - DONE!
  • learn to cook 1 new dish - DONE! T learned to cook fabulous fajitas...
  • love my wife...everyday - DONE! even with bumps in the road, I think T accomplished this..

RA's goals:
  • use treadmill/go walking 3x week - DONE!
  • learn to make a new dish DONE! - I made Chicken with Grape Mustard Cream Sauce and Couscous
  • say "no" to one outing a week DONE! - Though I will say I still said yes to too much...
  • stay within $30/week for gas DONE! - finished the month with $12+ left in my gas budget...I think the saying no helped along with the falling gas prices
  • $75 snowflakes...with $10 being personal snowflakes DONE! Not only did I add $10 in personal snowflakes, but our total snowflakes for the month was $207.79!
  • bring lunch to work every day - DONE! I'm still a bit surprised by this one but so happy!
Overall a great month, so we decided to keep the goals coming. Here are our new goals for August:

T's goals (he's keeping it simple):
  • building shelving in master bedroom closets
  • learn another new dish to cook
  • *update* get AC hooked up in the house
RA's goals:
  • shop only from a list - this is proving to be hard already but it is still working so far
  • bring lunch to work every day again - T and I are going to come up with a good reward for making it through August
  • say "no" to one outing every week - T says I still need to work on this!
  • $100 total in wedding fund by 8/31 - the fund started at $44 and the snowflakes are starting to add up (@ about $43 right now)
Although its already the 6th, we still have a long way to go...wish us luck!

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