Single step personal finance challenge

Gather Little by Little discusses Mrs. Micah's first step challenge, and it gave me pause to think about the first (next) step to take in my PF life.

Then it hit me...the list. The list is the next step. I will only shop from a list. I know that seems really simple and people will think, "Well you can just put anything on the list and then you'll be able to buy it, right?"

Not so. For me, my lists are things to be thought about, planned for, revised, and then finally shopped from. The list may find its self as vague or specific as I feel like, including things like "2 dozen organic free range eggs" or "pants". Also, this list must include prices, whether accurate or just estimates. Things may willy-nilly make it on the list, but if they don't have a great reason to be there, they will find their stay short lived.

This will be one of my goals for August but I thought I'd write about it now before I forgot. Hopefully this will be come a habit that continues on in life. For now, we'll see how August goes.

p.s. Speaking of first steps, one of my favorite babies, EO, turns 1 today! Happy birthday!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the shout out to EO on his birthday. He did not like the chocolate pudding pie made with soy milk : ( But I do think he had a good day. And I LOVE that he made your blog!

    Mrs. O

  2. p.s. thank you that Saturday is not the thing you say "no" to this week. I would be sad.


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