The triplets + the 2 year olds

While back in MI, we also got the chance to hang out with my friend Kelly and her newest additions. Her twins were born the same day as Ham (all within an hour!) and it was fun to see "the triplets" all together for the first time. Plus it was great to get the older girls together again!

{the triplets - I | Ham | L}

{middle | youngest | oldest}

{smallest | biggest | middle}

{handsome | handsome | beautiful}

{my Vandy}

{how they are happiest}

{old friends}
{the ladies of the house}
{man time}

{one of these doesn't belong}

{secret sharing} 
{again, knocked out}


Michigan visit

The kids and I did so much on our visit to the Mitten. We'll let the photos do the talking.

{The Korals}

{touching polar bear fur}


{knocked out}

{sharing smiles}

{no. 2's}

{no. 1's} 
{a lonely no. 3}

{thumbs up}

{Relay for Life}


{Duncan ladies}

{dance party}

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