Frugal date night/girls night out

Last night I got the best of both worlds: date night with T and a night out dancing with the girls!

Due to a busy week that we've had/have in front of us, T and I designated Thursday from 5:15 to about 8:30 "date night." This consisted of actual conversation, me making us dinner, me having wine, us "napping" and then me putting him to bed. Perfect.

After I woke up from our nap, frantically behind and blissed out, I got ready quickly to meet some friends to go out to Luna in Royal Oak. It was 80's night and we soon found out what that meant as we entered. Because of my internet snooping around earlier in the day, we had free passes to get in ($3 saved). The dancers, clad in their Madonna-esque outfits entertained us while we sipped drinks until it was time to dance the night away...and dance we did. I hadn't done that in a long time and it felt so good. It is true, "girls just wanna have fun!"

All in all I was home by midnight with only $7 less in my possession. Thank you Thursday.

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