Bits on a Sunday

-I have (yet again!) a new blog address! Update your links to make sure you can follow along at


-I changed addresses again because a) I have a splash page now at www.gooseandtrisser.com, leading you to this here blog and other goodies and b) I have a new online shop, which will be at 

It hasn't launched just yet, so stay tuned for updates. You can still find my tiny treats in my Etsy shop for now.

-There are a couple things on sale in the shop and I added a couple items to help benefit relief efforts after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the Pacific. Head on over to check those out, including this cutie:

50% of sale will go to American Red Cross

-Lastly, you have two more days to take advantage of my March sale going on - head over to A Hasty Life to see my sponsor feature and get a great discount code! Expires March 15th.

-Totally not shop related, had a Skype date this morning with my oldest bro and SIL. I highly recommend it to families that are far apart. They got to watch Bird run all around and see what she can do now. I hope to do it more often cause it is a great way to for Bird to get to know them better since they live so far away and aren't over all the time.

-This is going to be a busy week, with tons of appointments, friend dates, play dates, hopefully moving updates, cooking at home, and lots + lots of stitching (I have 8 hoops to get done!)

As we say around these parts, "Get an early start!" Happy Sunday!

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