Because I can't not talk about it

We found out March 6th. Very early but very clearly.

In a matter of 10 days, things went from normal to awesome to normal again. But a different normal. A new normal.

One day, it was there. And now its not.

You were wanted. We miss you already, but we'll be OK. A different OK, forever changed -- but OK.

I choose to talk about it because I know this is normal. Not a great situation, but far more prevalent than people wish to acknowledge. I know I'm not alone. That I am one of many that experience, this but I won't do it quietly. I know we are not the only family that is going through this or will go through this. So I talk, when I'm ready. And I listen to others and their stories because that is what we need. To talk and to be listened to.

For the rest of the afternoon, after the news sunk in, we played with Bird, so so grateful that we have her. All her laughter, smiles, giggles, curls, steps, kisses, everything, made it feel OK. We are so very blessed and know that God has an amazing plan for our little family. His plan, His timing.

We are ready for the ride.

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