There was some good news

Last week amid our sad update, we did get some good news! Our mortgage holder (finally!) got it's stuff together and it looks like we are moving in less than a month! We are looking to close by April 15th and despite all the waiting up until now, things have really ramped up around here.

We have our inspection tomorrow, so we're planning a little family dinner date to pass the time (aka be out of the house) and continue planning. There are 4 weeks and a LONG list of to-do's (my favorite!)...oh not to mention Bird, the busy boss, to take care of and my work here + here. Can you say busy! Where's the nanny and my clone when you need them?

First big thing on the agenda? Weather permitting, we'll be having a garage sale this weekend. We got in the mood this past weekend with a couple Craigslist sales and are ready for more! I'm giddy at the idea of our stuff finding new homes and for others to make memories with things that no longer have a place in our lives.

Happy Monday!

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