Belated Birthday Photo Blast

Bird's birthday par-tay went really well last weekend. Some of her favorite little people were there and they brought along their parents, which T and I enjoyed. We ate pizza and veggies, indulged in (cup)cake, and marveled at how much has changed in the last year.

Both sets of our parents got to be there and enjoy watching their granddaughter eat cake (read: sugar!) for the first time. I think this will lead to them giving her much more of it in the future.

She was blessed to receive many toys, which her friends wasted no time helping her break in, along with books, clothes, money to be saved and a few handmade treasures.

Check out the day, including the birthday girl and her entourage enjoying the festivities:

Last minute sign making

She didn't want to let go of Papa

Enjoying pizza
Lucas and the present table
These girls are all 5 months apart; S. 7 months, Bird 12 months, + A. 17 months

Lucas screamed with excitement when Rainier showed up

Cake montage; loving her eyes in the middle shot
So excited, she climbed on top
Getting a little help from A. to open her present
Enjoying the balloons
Who would have thought a free duck could be so exciting
Rainier + his mom Morgan - hood friends
Lucas, the party's hype man
The party goers

Baby swap; A. is very possessive of her dad


  1. aw happy 1st birthday to Bird!! i bet you can't believe she's one already! she is so, so adorable!! love her curly locks!

  2. I'm late getting to the birthday pics.... but the party was a hoot! Thanks so much for the invite! I've been spending time with friends of T's grandmother since she passed, we're all going to miss her. It's truely a comfort for me to see what a loving family the three of you are and the warmth around you. Thanks for sharing!
    -- Grandpa W.


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