Happy Weekend!

I just returned from enjoying a much needed and long wanted massage (thanks mom!) to find Bird lounging in her favorite chair after her Papa - Daughter time with T.
Too grown

Very excited about this weekend. Why you ask?

Tonight: Date night with T {#22} We're just going shopping and to dinner, but the excitement to get out and about with my mans is what helped me through another busy week.

Later tonight: Girl's night out with Melissa (who will forever be Missy to me, sorry!) in the Oak. {#21} I've got to get my nights out in between Bird and whenever #2 might make an appearance...no, not pregnant...yet.

Saturday: Hopefully a lazy day, involving embroidery for family, handwritten notes {#9} for this project, and naps, family naps perhaps.

Sunday: Nursery time with my babies. I just can't get enough. Also a shout out to my godson, Aeries, who will be turning 7 today! I can't believe he has gotten so old, he's turning into such a handsome young man.

Here's hoping your weekend is as relaxing as mine. enjoy!

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