The Lates

I was gone for about a month from this space and many things got accomplished in my absence, in no particular order (warning - most of these pictures feature Bird):

A visit up north to see Grandma + Grandpa W and a day trip to the Dow Gardens

Bird got her hair straightened in another fit of my boredom

We cheered on our alma mater against our rival U of M (still undefeated, so proud to be a Spartan!)

Our little Bird turned 9 months old!

I started an Etsy shop that will launch November 1st.

I had lots of outings with lady friends during the day, some baby bounce story time at the library, and a trip to the zoo

Also, T + I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in our college town and we got an offer on our house, now for the paperwork to start!

I definitely enjoyed my down time but I'm so glad to be back.


  1. ahhhh so cute! i can't wait to see you all -- and yaay natty boh!

  2. I posted that just for you guys! I though you would like it.


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