2 years

Yesterday marked T and I's 2 year anniversary! We kept things kinda low key since it was mid week, just going to the doctor's for our monthly prenatal appointment and then to dinner at a local favorite, Fishbones.

T was very sweet and surprised me with flowers in my car after the doctor's appointment, and I think I was equally sweet by surprising him with monogrammed handkerchiefs (he's a bit of an old man and I love it!)

The biggest surprise/present was that we are going to Stratford, ON, Canada tomorrow to see the play The Importance of Being Ernest and staying at the Breaking Bread B&B nearby! T planned this all by himself and I have to be honest, I loved being surprised and should really let him surprise me more often (usually I get in the way, I'm so nosy.)

I am very excited for our trip tomorrow and simply for the chance to celebrate with T all that has come to pass in the last two years and our future that awaits us.

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