1 year.

1 year ago, we married the partner that God created just for us.
1 year ago, we smiled so much our faces hurt for days.
1 year ago, we pledged before our Lord, our family and our friends that we would protect, care for, love, serve and obey the other for eternity.
1 year ago, we laughed to hold back the tears of sheer joy.
1 year ago, we were surrounded by those that cared for us and supported our union.

Today, we smile, kiss and hug more than we argue.
Today, we know more about the other and continue to learn.
Today, we laugh at time that has passed and wish to hold on to it.
Today, we remember our vows and renew them whole-heartedly.
Today, we are more in love than ever.

to many, many more...and enjoying the ones we've been given...


  1. Congratulations! You two love birds are so special!

    It was great talking to you today. But it made me miss you and the ladies even more!

    Love to you all,


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Rachel Anne

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