In the Photo Fridays - Week 4

A little late posting this one today and for good reason.  Today I got to spend the morning splashing around with Bird and some friends at the Splash Pad in a nearby city.  Since you've already seen us grace the blog in our bathing suits, I decided not to throw up a picture of that today.  Instead you get photos of my haircut!  See after the Splash Pad outing today my stylist friend M came over and gave this mommy a little style.  It may not look like much but I love it!  Enjoy!

I'm glad I got a new do since tomorrow T and I will be having our monthly date!  To celebrate our 1000th day of marriage we're headed to a local art center and grabbing some lunch while Nana (my mom) comes to hang out with Bird.  Then Sunday we get to celebrate Bird's 1/2 birthday...6 months already, where has the time gone.  Also, my mom, SIL and I are going to have a girls early dinner that day.  Jam packed weekend full of family and celebrations, just how I like it.

Happy weekend!

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