Bird's first illness

Bird had not been sleeping well for the past couple nights and then yesterday morning she woke up with a fever. We contacted her doctor, gave her some meds and went in for an appointment later in the day. The doctor said she has a little virus and we just have to wait it out. She told us that Bird will be irritable, have trouble swallowing, will drool excessively, and that we just need to keep her hydrated. What we weren't prepared for is how restless she would be, sleeping only 20-30 minutes at a time (read: no naps yesterday!)

Bird was up for most of the night which lead us to a late night car ride in an attempt to get both her and us (eventually) some rest. Our night adventure consisted of some returns to the library, a stop at Meijer for Pedialyte where T was mistaken by drunk night revelers for "Drew Goodman!" (which elicited this response from him: "Oy, my baby's sleeping in here!"), a stop at McDonald's for some good old Dollar Menunaire-ing, and a drive to Dearborn and back only to have Bird awaken as we pull into the garage. sigh.  So I took her back out on the road while T took a cat nap of 40 minutes before getting ready for work at 4 am.  She slept for a while longer before waking up and then it was time to start the Pedialyte which has made the rest of the day much more bearable.  She has actually gotten some rest and consequently, so have I.

Hopefully this bug will be out of her system quickly and she can resume her playful, blessed life, but until then, it is playpens and Pedialyte for this little lady.

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