A helping hand with a full house

Right now I am enjoying lunch with a quiet house because I have been blessed with help!

My friend from my old job has a teen daughter, J, that just graduated from high school who loves children, and in particular mine, and has offered her help when ever I need it this summer before she heads off to college.

She came over this afternoon with her cousin in tow (cute little 2 year old) and then my neighbor's 2 daughters (10 and 12 years old) came over to play with Bird as well.  A bit overwhelming at first thought to have 5 girls under my supervision, but with J here to help things are going so smoothly.  They all were very attentive to Bird leaving me to be attentive to some things around the house that just never get done.  I have never been so excited to be able to clean! I think that I will definitely be calling on J to help at least once a week.

They are all out on a walk in the neighborhood and I am enjoying the silence and alone time, though admittedly, I'm missing my Bird.

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