the end of an era...sorta

2007 is almost over and with that I wanted to recap some of the amazing things that happened this year...

My best friend had her first baby

Two of our good friends got married

We got married

We moved back to Michigan, after surviving some time in Los Angeles

We bought a house

We joined our church and met some wonderful people through our small group

We found new jobs that we actually like

I get to spend time watching almost 2 year olds every other weekend

My parents celebrated 37 years of wedded rollercoaster

Reclaimed the joy of napping

I'm sure there is more that went on, and if you were close to me, you probably saw this all and more occurring...

Here's to the best that 2007 had to offer and to the amazing opportunities to be had in 2008!


P.S. Today, so far, we have only left the house to walk to the mailbox (across the street) and back...sadly inside was a returned to sender Thank You card we had sent to my cousin and a Science Fiction Book Club order packet...

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