Housesitting OR What your house says about you...

This weekend, T and I had the privilege of house sitting for our friends, the Cs. The house was filled with art and good cheer, very welcoming.

The house sitting assignment came with pet sitting perks as well, with one chubby cat, we donned "Cat-titude" and their one year old dog Mena. I had never spent so much time with animals before so this seemed like the perfect test run. The dog was compliant most of the time, go out when she was supposed to, eating when told to, even running on a treadmill for miles at a time. Cat-titude was nice as well, spending most of her time cleaning herself, napping and hitting on T.

As we tried to make our selves at home and find stuff in their house, I started to wonder, "How would they or any of our friends feel in our house for a weekend? What does our house say about us?"

What does our movie collection tell you about the type of people we are? What does our refrigerator reveal about our personalities and likes/dislikes? Can you glean a sense of how we love each other based on our office set up?

One day, maybe we'll find out...

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