Biz cards, G-sales, & Prayers

*Things are really ramping up around here in regards to moving. T and I cleaned out and set aside a TON tonight for our garage sale that starts tomorrow! We have a move date planned (2 weeks from tomorrow) and our list of things to do is getting smaller as the hours countdown to us not being homeowners (see #4). It really feels good to pare down our belongings again and let things go to people who can really use them.

*I was so excited about their arrival when they got here that I forgot to show off my new business cards! I ordered from UPrinting.com and their site was super easy to work with and the quality was just what I wanted. They are little 2"x2", glossy, double sided cuties that I'm amped to share.

*Speaking of amped to share, I have more big news...I received my first wholesale order for a Goose + Trisser product. This spring you'll be seeing my signature Yes, Michigan State Love hoop here. That means two things 1) I better get busy and 2) We're taking a trip to the Island this spring!

*Please pray that we get through the next couple weeks with work, packing, work, moving, work, taking care of Bird, play time, saying bye to good friends, recovering from last week and much more.

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  1. Aww they're so pretty! Love the simple design!


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