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Bird and I were under the weather this weekend, so we relaxed and were tended to by Nurse T. It was not easy to take care of two sick ladies but he managed very well. There was lots of napping, many movies on Netflix, fun foods to make us sickies feel better and lots of hugs. T is now sick himself.


We did get a chance to go visit Enomhen, who was in town for a surprise visit to meet her little sister Vikki's 2 week old baby girl, Johanna. How I missed my little Bird when I held teeny Johanna!

Aunt and niece - via Enomhen's flickr


I'm really looking forward to feeling better this week, working on some shop updates, having play time with friends (for Bird and me!) and being that much closer to Spring! I had a great mail weekend, receiving my new biz cards (photos to come!), tons of hoops for new orders, and new item labels. I'm chomping at the bit to get creative but I'm trying not to be too ambitious this week as I'm still recovering, so it might just end up being a "play time, all the time" and "don't get the house too dirty" kind of week. Wish me luck.


Tomorrow we celebrate T's 30th birthday, so leave some love for him and I'll let you know how the celebration goes. I can't believe he's going to be 30. Where did it all go? I still remember us in college, the early twenties, and now...30, already? That means I'm not too far behind, but I'm still behind for now and enjoying my last few years of the twenties. I think I found him the perfect present too but you'll just have to wait and see.


Did you happen to catch my guest post over at Good Times Never Seem Sew Good? Caroline took a little vacation and a few of us stormed the blog with goodness in her absence. Take a peek!

happy monday!


  1. sounds like a busy but fun week ahead of you! such a precious pic - i love family!!!

  2. Isn't she a cutie, makes me want to have another of my own!


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