4 steps to accepting generosity in your life

Step 1. Person A wants to give you something (compliment, present, money, body part, etc.) You take it.
Step 2. You say, "Thank you! Thank you!"
Step 3. Appreciate the blessing and remember that you are loved.
Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed.

This was a lovely lesson reiterated to me by my MIL yesterday on our short trip up North.

Now let me brag on me and T's parents for a bit.

I feel so humbled by their generosity. All four of them would give anything for their children. And they just bless us every chance they get. Whether it is with childcare when we need a break (and they just need to see their granddaughter!), cash presents "just cause", or paying for our education, they are model givers.

Our parents really drive home the truth that giving can be as much for the giver as the receiver and that it truly is better to give. We see the joy that it brings them to bless us and we really can't say thank you enough.

Taylors + Williamses, you're alright! Thank you! Thank you!

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