Reflections on a Monday morning

As the week gets started and my to-do list begins to grow with the coming days' tasks, I took a few moments to myself this morning and embraced them.

I paused to hold Bird just a bit longer and smell her hair, full of that ever sweet baby smell.

I reminisced on dinner with our little family of three and my brother Charles last night (who brought ice cream and ice cream sandwiches for dessert!)

I remembered a phone call with my older bro who I haven't talked to in a while.

I noticed the butterflies I got when I thought of T getting home at 230 today.

My smile grew from phone calls and texts from girlfriends near and far, old and new.

For now, I will sip my hot cocoa, watch the snow fall outside and enjoy these moments and memories that I've been given.

happy Monday...

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Rachel Anne

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