Just another reason...

...to love being a stay at home mom: While the rest of the Midwest is freaking out about food stockpiles, snow days, and travel delays, I'm snuggled up with my mister, my Bird, some hot cocoa, and my stitching.

I'm really looking forward to the time to relax, play in the snow with neighbor friends, and work on some new designs for the shop. Not to mention the quality time Bird and I get to spend with T.

Here's hoping I can make it to the post office tomorrow! I'm not going out until then.

How is the weather where you are? If it is sunny and warm can you send some of it my way?


  1. I'm here in Michigan :) I'm a public school teacher & so grateful for a snow day. Yay for coffee, knitting, and bloggin!
    <3 leigh

  2. sounds like bliss!! hubby and i got to spend the day together too, it was wonderful. wish we had snow days more often!!

  3. Leigh, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your snow day to the fullest.

    Megan, I saw you guys got to walk to dinner...jealous, I love walkable towns.


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