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After a long November, we welcomed December with some snow this morning! Winter is really upon us now which meant we broke out the boots for mom and the coat, hat and mittens for Bird today.


In an effort to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder
I was silly and had an energy drink at 1030 last night, couldn't sleep and was awoken by my lovely Bird
I was up this morning to workout at 545 am and haven't stopped running since.


We had a lovely playdate at my new favorite place, Jungle Java (despite some hawk-eyed, overbearing staff that ruined our manicure session fun), and afterward the three of us just huddled in our home, staying warm and out of the fray that is rush hour traffic and the holiday season. That is, after T mowed the lawn/mulched the leaves as the flurries swirled around him!

Hope you all enjoyed your December 1st! Where has the year gone?

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