Sam's Club fail

This evening we took what we thought would be a short trip to Sam's Club to pick up something we've been thinking about getting for a long while. Here's what happened:

We take the card for our item to the cashier
We wait for them to go find the item in the warehouse area
We are repeatedly told that they found it but it was under something/in another area/locked up
We are given free sodas due to the wait
Bird is oogled by many a worker and shopper
30 minutes go by and our item finally comes to us
We are assured that they checked the box and everything is in there
We check out with our sodas and Bird and item and get a smiley face on our receipt as we leave
We get home all excited about our item, waiting to see who tries to open it first
We start to open the box and pull things out...

...the item is not in the box. The main component that we bought is not in the box. I've been repeating that out loud to myself and T for the past 2.5 hours. I can't believe it is not in the box.

Sam's Club, we'll see you tomorrow.

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