Fail update and mini victory

The events of today are as follows:

Enter Sam's Club promptly at 10 am when they open with receipt and item in hand
Explain situation to older lady behind counter
She gives me guff because I am not actually on the membership, T is
I tell her my card is the one the item is charged to, so lets just get this fixed
Team leader Angie (TLA) comes over to hear about the problem
Problem is explained and TLA asks why the box was opened by workers last night
Our cashier from last night comes in to start work and vouches for me that the box was opened by the workers last night
TLA wanders off with my item
15 minutes elapses, Bird is adorable and helps me keep my cool with her toothless grin
TLA wanders back and begins to explain that the General Manager wants to investigate and that the other worker who helped us last night by bringing over the item can't be reached by phone right now and will be in this evening; asks if I can return this evening
Cool is being lost slowly at this point; I just want a refund
I am told that refund is not an option until the situation is further investigated; contact information is taken down and I leave with my half-item and adorable child in hand
3.5 hours pass
I get a call to from TLA asking me to check the serial number of my item on the box; I read it off to her and she says she'll call back in 5 minutes; I start to doubt that
I get a call in 5 minutes; they sold us the display model and they still have it at the store, if I can come in now I can pick it up no problem
I pack up said adorable child and head back up to Sam's
Wait 15 minutes for TLA to come to the member services and address my issue
This is the last of the item in the store; I ask if there is any discount for the display and my time and trouble and was offered a $25 gift card
We opt to return the item; as a courtesy, we receive a $10 Sam's gift card
Head to pick up T from work, stop by another Sam's hoping they have one in stock
Head to the register with new version of item box
Wait 20 minutes for them to try to locate item in warehouse
They have the item, 11 in fact, on a special truck/storage area/wrapped pallet that are for Black Friday sale only; will not/can not sell us one
We leave 2nd Sam's
Go home, go to samsclub.com, order item with free shipping to be delivered in 3-8 days; should have done it in the first place.
All's well that spends well.

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