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When I said I loved mail, it must have sparked something cosmic because this week has been full of great mail surprises.

First, we received our Christmas present very early from T's parents and we were urged to start enjoying it now, without delay. I'm good at following directions so we jumped right on that.

Then, we got the sweetest thank you card from a friend. You never know how the things you do, even your small day to day actions, will affect another person and getting a note of thanks just brightened up my day.

Finally, we received a package from Enomhen containing a handmade monogrammed blanket for Bird and a tote that I have claimed for myself. It made me teary as I received it the day after her birthday that I missed calling her for (bad friend!) But it sparked a thank you call in which we got to catch up so all is good.

P.S. I almost forgot about the package a couple weeks ago from family containing 2 new outfits for Bird in 18 month sizes. Which was perfect timing as she is starting to grow out of all her 12 month clothes. We have a little giant on our hands!

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