Last year I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out. They aren't an issue now, but two of them are half in/half out and could become an issue in the future. So I was told to get them out.

Then I got pregnant. Apparently you shouldn't be knocked out while knitting a person.

So the new plan is for me to get them out sometime before #2 is created.

I asked my friend Shannon for information on the oral surgeon she used to get hers removed, as she had recently gotten them done and raved about the experience. She sent me a link to Dr. Bonine in Brighton, MI and I went and poked around the site.

And found this. Perhaps the answer to why I want to rip all of my teeth out.

I'm sure that after my dental appointment next week, I'll have just the motivation (aka: cavity diagnosis and dental bills) I need to kick my sugar addiction.



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