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I am exhausted.*

Bird has been waking up in the middle of the night every night since we went to visit T's parents back in early October. I can't figure it out. She shouldn't be hungry. She knows how to get back to sleep on her own. But every night for weeks now it is like we're back to square one. It is affecting the rest of our day because Mom is no fun when she is tired/cranky/ready to snap from lack of sleep.

I'll get over it.


My teeth hurt. Again. I'm 49% serious when I say I'm thinking of getting them all taken out at 27. Either that or I can never look at Coke/candy/anything other than water again. It's that annoying. I'm almost jealous of Bird in that she has no teeth to rot away with sweet sweets. (side note: She still has no teeth! Where are they?)

I have a dentist appointment on Monday and I'm sure they will tell me about 5 of my teeth are rotten (have a cavity) but I think it is just so they can see Bird more often since she is my sidekick and accompanies me every time.

Again, I'll get over it.


Don't forget to enter the giveaway. No one has yet, so your odds are great for winning. Just pointing out the brightside.

*No I am not growing another person...yet.

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