Happy weekend!

After plans have gone bust for two weekends in a row, we're taking this one easy:

Tonight: T and I are going to relax and clean up around the house. I know, pretty lame but we have to do it some time, right? Perhaps we'll even take in a trip to the library. {sigh}

Saturday: The 3 of us are attending a 1st Birthday party for baby AK. It is at a Japanese buffet so I'm sure we'll be holding off on breakfast in order to enjoy our full share for lunch. I can't wait to see how big AK has grown since we last saw her, about 5 months ago.

Sunday: No plans again. Perhaps this is a good trend for Sunday.

Surprises: There may be some Craigslisting, some more decluttering at my parents house, plans for a garage sale and more items on WMIY.

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