Where everybody knows your name

Everyone wants a place to go where everybody knows who you are.  Nobody wants that place to be the dentist.

Apparently I gargle sugar for fun and my pregnancy wreaked more havoc on my body than originally thought.

I went to the dentist last week to get a filling fixed that had cracked.  I just got back from the dentist today where they fixed three teeth next to one another with cavities.  The ladies at the dental office are great because they love to visit with Bird while I get my services, entertaining her and keeping me from having to get a sitter for an hour or so.  They joked that they would have to create some issue so I would have to come back and they could see her again.  In my head I said that I'm sure something will just come up on its own knowing my teeth's record.

Sure enough, I get done with my fillings and they inform me that I have another one waiting to be filled.  I have an appointment for next week.  That's right, 3 appointments, 3 weeks in a row.

Just call me Norm.

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