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I decided to participate in a little challenge given by Meredith over at La Buena Vida yesterday.

Read here for a quick background on why she's decided to do this.  After a chat with T about my body image after having Bird and how I'm having a hard time dealing with some things, this challenge is right up my alley.  This challenge will also get me to start being in the photos instead of just taking pics of T and Bird.

Basically, every week until September 1st (at least, if this works, I may continue for longer) I will post a photo that I am in.

Without further ado, I decided to jump right in with three of my latest faves and hide nothing:

Top to bottom: T & I at the Detroit Zoo for a wedding; The bride & I; Bird, AAD & I at the beach


  1. I just found your link from La Buena Vida, I think this is a great challenge! I struggle with the same thing as a mother of 3 and I realized that most of our greatest trips seem like I wasn't even there. I think you look great!

  2. Wooo! Three pictures in one week--you went above and beyond!

    You look great :)

  3. Found you via Meredith's blog as well...fun challenge right? :D Cute pictures!

  4. I'm already so glad that I decided to do this challenge...as far as the three pictures, I figured I'd just jump right in! I'm really excited to see everyone's journey through this challenge!


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