August goal recap and September goal setup

Here's how our August goals panned out:

T's goals:
  • build shelving in master bedroom closets - FAIL but that's because we changed our minds and built shelving in the garage instead!
  • learn another new dish to cook - DONE - Honey mustard vinagerette chicken, yummy
  • get AC hooked up in the house - DONE - Finally, 10 months after we moved in, our AC was working and it felt so good in the end of August heat!
RA's goals:
  • shop only from a list - FAIL - bought a pair of shoes that definately were not on my list when I walked in the store.
  • bring lunch to work every day again - DONE! - It is starting to just be a habit but it still feels good to do.
  • say "no" to one outing every week - better but FAIL - still "over booking" myself, though its fun
  • $100 total in wedding fund by 8/31 - DONE! - finished August with $141.17 in that account...its a start to fund an expensive wedding season next year.
And now that we are a week into September, new family goals:
  • add at least $75 in snowflakes to wedding fund
  • read a book of the bible together during the month of September - Mark
  • no eating out all month - so far, so good...I'm starting to have Jet's Pizza withdrawls...

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