We're going to NY! and other summer plans

We booked our tickets to go to NY for N's wedding! That makes wedding number two for us this summer!

It feels good to finally have that purchase out of the way, to stop worrying about the cost of getting there and where to stay and now get to focus on the fun we'll have celebrating their union and traveling together. One of the highlights of the trip (besides their fabulous Indian ceremony!) will be eating at Famous Dave's. This restaurant is near our hotel and apparently boasts really good - not good for you food in large quantities and we're excited. The other upside of the trip is that its totally budgeted for, all the trip costs and even fun money! Very little to worry about except arriving on time and making sure my voice doesn't go out and I don't forget the words to my song I'm singing for the couple!

One question is left to decide, what to get them and our other friends that are getting married in June?

Besides these farther away plans, this weekend should be fun because we are hosting the A's from T's home town. I'm excited to have them come down and visit and we'll get to go to the Red Bull Air Show with them on Sunday.

Later in June I'm going to a concert for a band I've never seen in concert before with some new friends. I'm really excited because I haven't been to a big show in a while and I love discovering new music. Also, I'm glad to be getting to know new people around this area.

Lastly, we are going to spend the weekend in T's home town up north. I really am looking forward to spending time with my in-laws as we don't get to see much of them and we always get to see my family. Its always so laid back when we go up there and my MIL and FIL are so accommodating.

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