Proud to be small

precious orders ready to mail

I know I haven't been in "the business" long.
I know I'm a small business.


I know this is just the beginning.
I know my word is all I have.
I know my awesome customer service means a world of difference when it comes to online marketplaces.
I know I love working on each and every order that I get.
I know I enjoy collaborating with someone new to make something special.
I know that, even as I get busier + busier, I will always strive to make each customer feel like a person, rather than an order.
I know I've been given one shot and I have to do my best each and every day.

I'm not saying I'm doing it all right, cause I know I'm not. I know I have a lot to learn - but I'm ready, to learn + grow + share.

I'm proud to be small.

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  1. such a sweet post! you get em girl. keep growing and doing your best. i LOVE your packaging. pretty perfect. :-)


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