Of course I've been up to something

You know when things get quiet around here I've been up to something, too busy to sit and organize my thoughts. Here are the bits:

*I've had a mini vacation from my work over on PNS, which has been great because it has given me time to prepare my shop for the latest exhibition! That's right, I'm not only an intern, I'm also a client! Pop over to check out the exhibition featuring Goose + Trisser among many other talented exhibitors.

*Did a little interview with Ms. Ilene of Much Love, Illy, check it out! (p.s. there might be a chance to win something, woot!)

*Been trying to get into pre-pregnancy shape (read: a healthy shape/routine before getting pregnant, not the shape I was in before I ever got pregnant - been there, accomplished that) as we restart our path towards growing our family. I've been using the Lose it app on my iPhone to keep track of calories and such and the reminders are great to keep me aware every day of just how much I'm eating and to log it. To add to the motivation, T and I went to check out some new sneakers for me, as I hadn't bought any since I was 18 - the last two pairs were gifted to me and that was at least 6 years ago! I looked at a few pairs and settled on these quickly, they are super comfortable, not too expensive and best of all, not giant white running shoes like my last pair!

*I got to serve alongside my mom in my church nursery this past weekend. It was so awesome to see her with the other babies, making them laugh, comforting them, and just sharing her love. She really has a heart for kids and I guess that is where I get it from. She'll be volunteering with me throughout May and it is an experience I'm really looking forward to continuing.

what have you been up to?

happy wednesday! enjoy!

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