Back in the groove

This past weekend we headed up North to visit with T's parents for a bit. What did we get into? What didn't we get into:

*Marathon shopping spree at Sam's Club and Target featuring a belated birthday/early Mother's Day present for me | a Garmin nuvi 3760 GPS


*Breakfast for dinner at Bob Evan's | french toast and sausage links

*Breakfast for breakfast, cooked by the ladies | waffles, pancakes and an entire package of bacon

*A visit from T's brother and girlfriend | love having family time and when Bird gets to see her uncles

*Epic ladies nap, that Bird did not want to take, but myself and my MIL gladly took part in

*Bird's first bike ride | she fell asleep for the first leg, due to the lack of aforementioned nap, and then enjoyed the second trip back home, making faces at me as we rode along.

*Thrifting in the downtown area | found a stash of embroidery hoops, thread, bobbins, fabric, spools and embellishments. Complete score, felt like I cleaned them out!

*Two date nights in a row - We got to hang out with friends and just have a good time knowing Bird was home safe with the grandparents

*Mother's Day breakfast made by the gents! More pancakes, more bacon, and eggs, along with present opening.

for our moms | madebyhank

for me! | iPad 2 Keyboard case

*Checking out the Rust Belt Market! The space was so open and vibrating with creative energy. Andrea and I would love to show there some weekend soon and it was great to go look around and meet some of the artists/creators/sellers there for the opening weekend.

««« »»»

Now that all that fun is over, we're slowly getting back into our groove here at home. Bird is going to bed at her regular bed time, instead of having 11 pm dance parties with her grandparents. T and I are back to not eating out every other meal, vacations are always the hardest for that. We're glad to be home.

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