Christmas #1, done

And did we have a great time!

We spent a couple days up north with T's parents and they definitely took advantage of time with their granddaughter! We went shopping in Traverse City on Friday and they spoiled her (and us!) rotten as grandparents are prone to do. We are so thankful for their generosity!

Once we got back to their house, we had dinner, including T's brother and T's parent's neighbor Don (like family). After dinner, we played two rousing games of Rummy-o, which I ended up winning in my own cunning way.

Present time was upon us as the night time and Bird's bed time were approaching. Bird enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper almost as much as her presents. Among other things, we were gifted our own Rummy-o game which will get tons of use on our game nights!

We met up with some friends at the local bar and enjoyed a good night out after putting Bird to bed with a prayer and a song. Karaoke was done and that's all I will say about that. Well, I will also say that I was duped into singing a song not of my choosing, like Karaoke Roulette, but made up for it with a fun duet with friend/bartender Erin.

The car got packed up to the gills this morning and after a small allergic reaction to breakfast (secret nuts in the coffee cake) we headed home. Despite that, I call the trip a success!

Christmas #2, where are you?

Oh and here is a peek at the presents we (I) made for T's parents and brother, now that they have seen them:

1 + 2. hand-monogrammed kerchief - want one like it, get a custom one in the shop
3 + 4. hand embroidered hoop scene - a little wall decor - find something for your walls here

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