30 before 30

I'm not getting any younger and so I've started this list. I'm halfway done and thought I'd give a little preview:

1. return to where T proposed - Casa Laguna Inn, Laguna Beach, CA
2. sell 100 items in my shop
3. have a second child
4. not be a homeowner
5. nail down my personal style
6. prepare a will
7. run a 5K
8. go on a trip by myself overnight
9. send 10 handwritten letters to 10 different people
10. finish reading the Left Behind series (currently on 7 out of 12 books)
11. print and hang pictures of my little family
12. attend 10 year high school reunion
13. decide about going back to school (or not going back)
14. find a letterpress studio and print something (after learning how to correctly)
15. organize all the photos we have, deleting all ugly/unnecessary/blurry/etc.

Stay tuned for the next 15.

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