Don't let the knob hit you on the way out

T has a list of home improvements he'd like to take care of that is a mile long. Top priority on his list since Bird was born: a new front door.

T started researching in his standard way when he starts a project and before we knew it, he'd found a local door company and had gone by to get an estimate last month. A couple days ago, a bill we were waiting on finally surfaced and we could finally make some decisions on what to do with some of our money. We decided to go back to the local door company and see what they said this time around. T had his negotiation strategy ready and we ended up ordering a door that afternoon. The price ended up being less than the original estimate from last month!

The door takes 3 weeks to be built, then it should be installed around 4/21.

And even though its a whole year away, we're excited about the tax credit on next year's taxes for this purchase - 1/3 total cost!

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