Happy Due Date Day and other such things

Today is the day our little Bird was due, but she's already here. Its kinda anticlimactic after all this time, but February 4th will always have a special place in our hearts! I can't believe she's already 17 days old.

So what did we do to celebrate you ask? Taxes. We were a bit worried at how long they might take with a newborn on our hands but surprisingly we got through it in 3 hours with just one diaper change and a feeding (for all three of us).

T and I are pleasantly surprised by the amount of our refund this year, but it doesn't mean we're going to go all spender-bender nuts. No, we already have a plan for most of the money, as our return is larger than we estimated. We will be using some of the refund for car repairs on our Jetta and then a small part for our lease turn in fees in April. The rest will mainly go to maintaining our budget as things shift around here with our new addition. I'm sure we'll splurge on something but that's actually really hard for us now-a-days unless its for Bird.

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