T and I received our state tax refund on Thursday, just 9 days after we filed our return! Yes, Michigan!

Our plan for the return is thus:
60% - debt repayment
10% - to Emergency Fund
10% - T and RA wish list
10% - T's discretionary funds
10% - RA's discretionary funds

It may seem odd that we are not using it all to repay debt or to fill our savings. We are trying to be aggressively realistic if you will. Right now, neither of us gets a personal allowance each month until the debt is repaid, so the personal discretionary money will help out with this. Also, there are things for the house and in life that come up that we'd like to participate in that aren't in the budget, and that's what the wish list part is for. As you can see though, our largest priority, the 60%, still goes to debt repayment. After this is sent to the CC, we'll be 55% of the way to being debt free.

I'll have a better update on that come March 1st.

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