Measuring up - March 2009

Almost one year ago, T and I started aggressively tracking and systematically eliminating our CC debt. Currently this is the picture:

Card #1 - $0/$6,200 - 0%
Card #2 - $0/$8,500 - 0%
Card #3 - $4,534.03/$5,000 - 91%
Card #4 - $1,513.08/$2,000 - 76%
Paid vs. Total - $7,642.22/$13,689.33 - 56% of the way to CC debt elimination!

With an unexpected change in our mortgage payment (dropped back down to below where it was when we first bought the house) and the removal of our cable/internet, we are in stride to attack with a fury. We're so close and yet we still have to bide our time and dollars to finish strong. Barring any crazy emergencies, we should definitely beat our deadline of December 31, 2009...but lets just wait and see

In other goal updates, I don't think I'm doing very well with not buying clothes. To clarify, I still haven't purchased any new clothes. I have looked at clothes that I want to purchase and have had a major case of the gimmies ("I want _____" screamed repeatedly.) Just thinking of taking a month off of debt repayment and spending! Oh the wants I have. I know that I shouldn't and it will feel better when I buy it later but I still have wants.

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