Resolutions, if we must.

We're almost two weeks into the new year and I've yet to talk about my goals or resolutions for the new year...

1) Pay off all credit card debt by 12/31/09! - By far the most important goal to me this year...I've mentioned it many times before but with all the changes to expenses over the past few months, we were wondering if it would still be possible. Anything can still happen to derail our plans, but we are committed to making this happen this year.

2) Buy no new clothes - This is only for me. The caveat to this is that I am allowing myself to make clothes. This will force me to learn to sew, which is something I'm really excited about and will allow me to spend more time with my mom as she'll have the task of teaching me!

3) Enjoy this year with less commitments and have more commitment to that which I choose to partake in - Another one for just me. I often have the problem of overbooking, saying yes to everything, or canceling at the last minute if I feel overwhelmed. I think this will help me to really enjoy those things that I do, even if they are few and far between.

My theme for this year: simplify. I think my goals are encompassed by this theme.

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