Getting the boot.

Internet that is...and Cable by way of association.

That's right, T and I have decided to get rid of our internet and cable service come spring time. Several things played into this decision, not limited to: time spent using (or not using) these services, money spent, the company that supplies the service, etc.

For now we are still connected and will be for a few months. Our official cut off date has not been decided yet.

I'm thinking a few no-internet/cable experiment days are in order in the next few months, just to test out our theory that we can live with out these conveniences.

Some of the upsides to this change are:
Immediate savings by having one less fixed expense
More time to spend with one another, family and friends
More time to read
Slowly weening me of my addiction to MTV reality TV shows (The Hills? The City? Pretty much anything they show me, I want to watch!)
The end of WoW in the house (woot!)
No more dealing with Comcast for a while

I will say this, this does not mean we'll never have these things again. This just means we'll never have this time again to ourselves and at this time we're choosing to do without.

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  1. Recently found your blog - love the name!

    I also do not have internet, and not 100% by choice. I live in a commercial building, we can't get DSL or Cable, and a third option, clearwire (they have an umbrella of service over the city of Seattle) didn't work in my unit due to obstruction outside (trains and a high retaining wall). I miss it terribly! I wish I could pay for it! It's hard... I scrounge a lot at coffee houses (which makes me spend more on coffee than I would prefer to), and my weekends are spent often enough at a nice comfy internet coffee house for hours.

    The cable though, that I don't care about. I haven't really had tv at all in the past 12 years, and don't really miss it. Luckily no one I work with is really all that tv addicted either, so I don't feel like I'm in a cultural black hole. Netflix is another story though...


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