I got my hair cut, very simple trim so I still have the length and just a bit of bangs, sideswept and long enough to not go too nuts when the curls come a-knockin'. I couldn't be happier with the job that TS did and it was long over due. I think I've found a new stylist!

There is something I'm dying to talk about and I can't. For days I've wanted to say something, anything about the situation but I'm keeping it hush for just a bit longer...

Speaking of waiting, T's grandma J sent us a card. I really like to open mail when I get it but T says we have to wait til Christmas. I guess that makes sense and we have no other gifts to open that day. The only other presents we're getting are the dental fixings we had this month and quality time, which is honestly better than a lot of presents!

Good luck to the M's as they venture to find a new place in their new home-to-be of Baltimore, MD! I hate that you are leaving again so soon, but can't wait to come visit and to share these last couple weeks with you two.

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