Alls quiet

I haven't been around the blog much lately because I guess, things are just quiet around here.

I feel like I'm keeping quiet here in an effort to hear what's going on in the world. With all the major changes that seem to happen day after day, its got me a bit worried and staying quiet and diligent in life is all that keeps me sane...

Anydebt, EO and PM are biz-ack and we couldn't be happier. They hosted us for an impromptu dinner last night and we chatted the evening away. It was so good to see them both.

The highschool small group I'm leading is off to a good start and I tell you, these girls crack me up. They are super sweet and honest and busy and I'm so glad I get to be a part of their lives when they let me in.

In a crazy financial spin, T and I have decided to switch our focus to savings instead of debt elimination for the time being. We realized that with out more of a cushion than we have now, one emergency would be all it took to put us back to using CC's and racking up more debt. So for now it's going to be minimums and large savings transfers until further notice. It will help me sleep better at night, even if it actually costs us more in the long run.

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