I could not be happier that it is Friday. I am really looking forward to this weekend for reasons I'll countdown here:

1. Painting party at the O's...well not really party, just painting and people, but it could always turn into a party, right Mrs. O?

2. Singing in service...I get to sing during service this Sunday...it is always such a rush for me to sing and to be able to do so during a worship moment makes it that much more adrenaline pumping for me!

3. My babies...not really my babies, but I get to serve in the nursery this Saturday and I always cherish my time with the little ones, especially since I get to give them back to their parents after an hour.

4. Closet cleaning...there are far too many (not that many) things in my closet that are there for sentimental reasons rather than logical, "I'm going to wear you" reasons...so out they go to a better home.

In a tiny week recap, I have brought my lunch all week and purchased my August lunch reward early. I used the same logic as I did about my July reward, that if I break and don't bring my lunch in the next week, I have to pay the cost of my reward as a snowflake to our debt.

And what was my reward you ask: black platform peep toe heels!

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  1. Even thought I was crabby, I was SO GRATEFUL that you and T came to help. We could not have done it without you! Of course, it's always wonderful to spend time with you two!



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