Thinking about Christmas...

In August!

All around people are already starting to get geared up for Christmas...Christmas presents, vacations, parties even.

I am just starting to think about how we want to celebrate this year...and how much it will cost.

Last year, with inspiration from our church, we gave part of what we would "normally" spend on Christmas presents and things as a donation to better the lives of others. In addition to that, we scaled back on the number of presents purchased for family and friends, either buying a shared present (T's parents) or drawing names (my family). It worked out well and we had a great time because we also set aside lots of time to spend with the people we cared about, rather than just get them something expensive and hang out for a few minutes.

I think we'll try and stick to this plan again this year. I would like to start to look for any presents that we are getting as soon as possible, as more time to look generally will lead to less impulse shopping and a more thoughtful present.


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