Goal rewards

I was trying to figure out a good reward for taking my lunch the entire month of July, other than the savings (read: unspent money) from not buying lunch out every week.

At the jovial prodding of one of my favorites, Mrs. O, and at the invitation of another favorite, Mrs. L, I've decided that I will go to a Tigers game as my reward! It will be a fun filled afternoon with the ladies enjoying hot dogs, beers, and men in tight pants with high socks (though I only have eyes for T!)

Though the game is before the last day of July, I feel this is an appropriate reward. I would have easily spent the same amount of money on my ticket and food as I would have if I'd allowed myself to eat out this month for lunch. If I happen to break and buy lunch out during the 4 days following the game, I will pay the price of my game ticket, out of my spending money, as a snowflake to our CC debt! How's that for motivation?

So far I've been doing really good, despite my lack of preparation one day that lead me to eat cereal for both my breakfast and lunch at the office! Wish me luck, only 10 more days!

*update*: If I break and buy lunch before the game, I have said that I'll give me ticket away.

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