What really happened last night...

Instead of having the night and house to myself last night, T's get together was postponed, so he was home.

We decided to make the best of our time together by going for a walk around our neighborhood and getting dinner. And by this I mean, we walked a bit around our neighborhood, ordered pizza during the walk, and walked to the pizza place to pick it up. I think we killed about 5 birds with that one stone!

The rest of the night was spent on the phone catching up with K, who always has the best stories about her life. The only bonus of not getting to talk to her that often is that, when we do catch up, it feels like I'm watching a marathon of my favorite soap opera or something!

Lastly I finished the night by filling out a questionnaire regarding a class action suit I'm involved in. The gist of the questionnaire was to find out how I spent my time when I was at work at a particular restaurant...about 5 years ago...I barely remember how I spent my day at work last month, but I was able to piece things together enough.

I received Mrs. O's recipe today and I'm really excited. It has chicken (my favorite meat) and couscous in it. I just tried couscous for the first time on this past Tuesday at a dinner party T and I attended and I fell in love. I think I like it because its so simple. I also think it will be come my food obsession for a while.

Things I'm looking forward to right now:

  • A night on the town tomorrow night for AAD's birthday (which was yesterday...Happy Birthday!)
  • Camping...its getting closer and it also made me realize I'll have two four day weeks around that trip...bonus!
  • A surprise celebration for a friend...we're so proud of you!

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